Snippets of Fiona’s Story (So Far!)

Fiona Grant

You [Fiona] have such a lovely gentle sincere energy.” SMD, Dorset, UK

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As my qualifications are interwoven throughout my story, here they are in a convenient summary for you: You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay Workshop Teacher; Usui Reiki Master; BSc (Hons) Psychology; Angel Therapy Practitioner; Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner/Angel Intuitive; Angelic Reiki Practitioner (levels 1 and 2). And not mentioned below, I’m also a Healer/Chakra Technician of the Body Mirror System of Healing and Self-Knowledge.

I would say that I’ve been a searcher, a seeker all my life. As a child I was fascinated by the possibility of life after death, spirit guides and spirituality. As I grew older I buried my fascination as I looked for a way to fit into and be accepted by the world. I often felt like a square peg in a round hole. Or a round peg in a square hole!

I was told at school at 15/16 that I had to decide on my career for life, but I had no clue. I ended up working in a variety of office type roles, from word processing operator, to secretary and computer assistant, to trainer, and finally software tester. But underlying it all was a sense that I was missing something and a strong desire to be of service.

I was very unhappy with myself and my life. I neither liked nor loved myself. Finally my Mum convinced me and my sister, Norma, to attend a weekend workshop based on Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life course. This opened my eyes and showed me a whole new way of looking at my thoughts and words. It showed me that in my own self-talk I could be gentler and kinder with myself. At a later date, I was certified as a You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay Workshop Teacher.

A few years later my Mum introduced me to Usui Reiki, and as I lay for the first time on a couch receiving a Usui Reiki healing a deep certainty came to me that I was a healer. I ended up becoming certified as a Usui Reiki Master. But for me I still felt something was missing. Then around the end of 1990s my Mum loaned me a book on Angels and gave me as a gift ‘Angel Inspiration’ by Diana Cooper. I have no conscious memory of being aware of the Angels before reading these books. The possibility of Angels really resounded for me, it spoke to my heart, but I also thought they might only be a fairy tale for adults.

I devoured numerous Angel books and attended any Angel workshop or event that seemed to call to me. I had the Angels calling my name in the morning, ringing etheric phones and doorbells, but I still had my doubts that Angels were real. They helped me in numerous ways in my life, but I still doubted their reality. For me finally, feeling was believing. I woke up one morning and I felt absolutely amazing. It was if pure peace and calm filled my entire being, and was continually being poured into me. The day before I had felt utterly exhausted and was suffering from a very painful and highly uncomfortable period. I had phoned my sister, Norma, and she had very kindly listened to my moaning and groaning about how bad I felt. But upon awakening the following day it was a completely different story. I felt absolutely amazing, completely peaceful, and pain plus soreness free. I didn’t know until later that day when I called Norma to share my amazing experience, that the previous night as she was falling asleep she had asked the Angels to help me, and in her mind’s eye she had seen them pouring calming and healing energy into me.

In 2002 I gained a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree, as the mind fascinated me and I was searching for a job that would bring me joy. But I discovered on the course that I desired more than various psychological theories. And in 2005 I was certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner. Plus in 2006 I attended the Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner/Angel Intuitive course.

In 2008 I was drawn to add the Angelic to my Reiki, and was trained and certified as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner (levels 1 and 2).

In 2006 Norma and I started our Angelic spiritual business, Angel Aura, (please read, About the Angel Sisters, for why we changed the name). But buried deep within me were severe chronic self-confidence issues which were sub/unconsciously controlling my life, and blocking me, stopping me, from moving forward in my life, in my business and into the life of my heart’s dream. On the one hand, on a conscious level, I was saying ‘Yes!’ But on the other hand, on a subconscious, unconscious and underlying energy level I was saying ‘No!’

I’d had low self-esteem as far back as I can remember, and it had been, without my knowledge, sub/unconsciously controlling me my whole life. The Angels helped me to become consciously aware of the impact, influence and control these unacknowledged and unfaced issues had on my reality. But it would be many years before I allowed myself to consistently work hand-in-hand with the Angels to heal these issues. The voice of false guidance was very strong within me, and convinced me that it would be easier and more comfortable for me to stay stuck, blocked and unhappy. Although it didn’t use those exact words!

It wasn’t until I was driving to Toastmasters International’s Cottonwood Speakers Club in Bournemouth, and feeling overwhelmed by nervousness, worry, fear, resistance and panic, that I decided I absolutely no longer wanted to feel this way, and demanded that the Angels help me. In April 2010 I made myself move past the false guidance and start to consistently work hand-in-hand with the Angels to heal my severe chronic self-confidence issues, of which there were many, many, many, many… layers.  As these layers released I found my experience before and during the Cottonwood Speakers Club meetings changed for the better. I no longer felt on my drive over and in the meeting those horrible, overwhelming feelings of fear, worry, nervousness, resistance and panic.  Instead I felt calmer and clear-headed. I started to enjoy giving my speeches at the club. And I found unexpected bonuses, like instead of being the nervous wall flower standing all alone during the meeting break, fellow club members were being drawn to come up and talk to me. It has been a few years since I left the club, as I felt I’d gotten from it what I required. And now I thoroughly love and enjoy giving talks about the Angels and my experiences at public or private events.

Over all these years, the Angels have become my beloved friends and family. As well as helpers, guides, healers, therapists and counsellors. And I am forever grateful to them. Thank you Angels for everything, I am so deeply grateful to you.

I like all other human beings, am a work in progress, I am perfectly imperfect, with the duality of love and fear within me. The Angels have helped me in numerous ways, too many to mention all in my about me. The Angels have illuminated and transformed my life. And the illumination and transformation continues.

Angelic love, hugs and infinite blessings,

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