About The Angel Sisters


Passionate about Angels.
Passionate about the Angels helping you.
Passionate about assisting the Angels in illuminating & transforming your life.

The Angel Sisters are biological and soul sisters Norma Clarke and Fiona Grant. They are passionate about the Angels, love them infinitely, and are grateful to them everyday.

Norma and Fiona are Angel Communicators, Angel Therapists® and Transformational Catalysts.

Wherever you are in the world, the majority of services The Angel Sisters provide can be experienced and enjoyed worldwide through email, phone, online or in the UK in-person.

Norma and Fiona live in the county of Dorset in the UK, about 25 minutes by car from each other. This is a contrast to when Norma lived in Australia and they were physically over 17,000 kilometres apart (that’s over 10,000 miles), although in energy terms they were next to each other.

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As the sisters have grown and expanded with the Angels loving guidance, support, comfort, healing and help, they felt the desire to reflect this growth and expansion in the contents of a new website. A lovely earth angel friend suggested a business name change, The Angel Sisters. This name change resounded for the sisters. And they decided to change their business name from Angel Aura to The Angel Sisters.