Angel Group

Fiona GrantThe focus of each Angel Group session is guided by the Angels. Usually this includes a meditation channelled through Fiona by the Angels, and a message from the Angels for the group.

In the guided meditation your Angels will work directly with you and your energy to enable a gentle powerful shifting of energy within you. This may leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed, you may feel lighter inside, and it can transform elements and areas in your life.

The group message from the Angels may be of hope, comfort, support, guidance or healing. And sometimes the Angels like to give homework!

Whatever channelled meditation or message from the Angels, it will always be for your highest and greatest good.

Booking is required. Please book, at the latest, by the Sunday before the group session. To book your group session, please email Fiona on click here to access, call her on 01202 862864 or use our Contact Us Form.

On: Tuesday 17th November 2015.
From: 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
Price: £5 per person per group session. Booking is required. Please book by the Sunday before your session at the latest, thank you.
At: Ringwood Health Clinic, 16-18 Southampton Road, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1HY, UK – (opposite Boots).