Angel Guidance Readings – 100% directed by the Angels

Please note, I’m on my holiday break from 18th December 2021 to 10th January 2022.

I think of my Angel Guidance Readings as therapy with the Angels. I connect and communicate with the Angels on your behalf to bring you messages of guidance, support, comfort and healing. My readings tend to be more spiritually intuitive than predictive. And they are equally effective by email, online via Zoom, over the phone or in-person in Ringwood, Hampshire, UK. (Please note, I am not currently offering in-person sessions.)

In this Angel Reading, the direction, content and focus of your reading is 100% guided by the Angels. No specific question or area of focus required. When the Angels look at you, they don’t see your earthly human body as it appears to you, instead they see you as layers of energy, and at your core they see the light that is the true you shining bright and strong. In your reading they will bring to your attention that which is most important for you at that time.

As the Angels look at you, they see the full overview and the energy layers of your worries, stresses, beliefs, feelings, emotions, fears, resistances, blocks, shadows, and thought patterns that keep you stuck in certain areas of your life. These issues can be hidden from your conscious mind, but directly impact and influence your life experiences and your reality.

The Angels also see your light, your beauty in all its forms, and your unlimited potential.

“Thank you sooo much for that. It was amazing. You had no idea I had relationship problems in the near past, but you were spot on with my feelings about it. Thank you sooo much.”” AB, UK

You can book the following Angel Reading Sessions with me:

30 minute email, online via Zoom or phone session = £25 worldwide and in the UK;

30 minute in-person session in the UK = £35 (not available at this time);

1 hour email, online via Zoom or phone session = £50 worldwide and in the UK;

1 hour in-person session in the UK = £70 (not available at this time).

I was very emotionally sensitive when I felt guided to ask for help from Fiona and the angels, I had no idea what to expect from an angel reading. I was touched by Fiona’s kindness, and her caring, compassionate demeanor as she delivered personal guidance from the Archangels. I was deeply impacted by the reading and my life was never the same again. I have gained tremendous strength and self-belief as a result of the reading, and I have regularly received help from the Archangels ever since. I would highly recommend a reading with Fiona.” GLG, South West Hampshire, UK

I had a reading with you, which, for me, was very profound and helpful. It was especially so, as I didn’t have any agenda at the forefront of my mind, but lurking just beneath the surface was something that clearly had been affecting me subconsciously, and I needed help with. It was lovely to be nudged by the angels into looking at it! What I gathered from the reading helped me to deal with it in a practical and definitive way, as well as helping me to feel more relaxed knowing that help was constantly to hand, so thank you.” AS, North Dorset, UK

Oh Wow thank you so much. Everything you said makes sense. Your reading’s have always left me breathless and been accurate.” WR, South East Dorset, UK

Thank you so much Fiona.  What you did yesterday was very special and powerful.” PW, UK

You really are amazing Fiona.” JK, UK