Weight Loss is Not All About What you Eat

I work with women who no matter how hard they try either struggle to lose the weight, can’t lose the weight or can’t keep the weight off. I help her to lose that weight and in doing so uncover the healthy and sustainable weight that’s comfortable for her and her body.

These are photos of me! The “Then” photo is me in 2017, and the “Now” photo is me in 2019. In just under a year I lost over four and a half stone.

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I felt very stuck in an old pattern before working with Fiona, I have since shifted some deep rooted issues and gained a new depth of clarity and understanding. I feel positively different in many areas and would recommend Fiona whole heartedly, to anyone seeking to make changes in their life. My clothes feel looser too.” Awen, Mid Wales, UK.

I contacted Fiona about weight issues because I had been a member of Slimming World several times and never reached my target weight. After working with Fiona I was able to lose weight and reach my target – never managed that before.” Gill, Dorset, UK

Before I started working with Fiona I had quite an unhealthy relationship with food and I often used it to soothe any emotions, both negative and positive.  Food was my comfort and my reward.  The specific results I’ve achieved are an awareness of my thinking, which allows me to challenge my decision making and an ability to release unhelpful memories that trigger the need to use food as a comfort, so that I am able to make better choices for myself.  This makes me feel as if I am more in control of my eating, where before I felt as if food controlled me on some level.” Emma, Hampshire, UK

Since working with Fiona I’ve noticed I don’t reach for food as a coping strategy any more. I am eating more slowly and making better food choices. For me it was never about the weight. I felt out of control around food and feared for my health if I didn’t sort it out.” Samantha, Wiltshire, UK

How I would describe Fiona as a practitioner is completely non-judgmental, kind and gracious, and she creates a space where you can feel completely safe to explore what’s going on emotionally.” Jag, UK
Fiona as a practitioner is very professional, kind, gentle, respectful and intuitive. She explained every step and all in all this made me feel safe, valued and not judged.” Liz, Bedfordshire, UK

“My weight has gone up and down since becoming a mum aged 27 years. I’ve slowly yo-yo-ed but it was when I stopped smoking 14 years ago, the weight crept up. Shockingly I was nearly 16 stone in 2019! I had been told in June of that year, that I was prediabetic – another shock! This was my turning point and I was determined to face my truth and tackle my weight problem. I tried myself to cut down on this and that, based on numerous diets I have tried over the years. But this never brought about the results I needed and I ended up believing there was something different about me and that I was unable to lose weight. I believed I needed to do the deeper emotional work with someone, or else I would never end this cycle. Fortunately, I came across Fiona.

I joined Slimming World and this also helped me have a plan whilst working on the deeper emotional issues behind my weight gain. I was also fortunate to have found a very good Slimming World group leader.

By the end of the programme with Fiona, I had lost 1.5 stone (21 lbs). I have since gone on to lose more weight, and I have nearly lost 2 stone. Even though I still have a few more stones to go, I feel more in control of my weight loss journey.

I would definitely recommend Fiona, to help support you through your weight loss journey. I believe I wouldn’t be in this position had it not been for her help. Thank you Fiona x” Beatrice, UK

Before I started working with Fiona I was not sure how tapping would help me, I was struggling to make progress in my weight loss.

I am slowly losing weight (which is much better for me), I have techniques to help me not just for weight loss but for general life such as work stress, I understand some of my thought processes behind food and weight. And this makes me feel in control of my progress and the process.

How I would describe Fiona as a practitioner is very empathetic, calm, serene and you feel so comfortable as Fiona takes you through the tapping. This is a great session via Zoom so you have comfort of your own home and no travel etc.

What I would say to anyone who is thinking of working with Fiona is be prepared to put the effort in to support your progress. I would recommend Fiona, especially for people like myself who are (were) stuck in a yo-yo dieting situation. Fiona is a lovely person who you can trust to support you. Give it a go and try and commit to as many sessions as you can.” Sarah, Norfolk, UK

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Please note, none of the women in Becky’s video testimonial are of her.

Disclaimer: Fiona is not a psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist, mental health professional, medical doctor or dietitian.