Building your Connection & Communication with the Angels 2021

My Building your Connection and Communication with the Angels Programme is designed to:

Skyrocket your reception of Angel messages and guidance in quality and frequency. For me when the Angels directly took me through my very own building my connection and communication with them, I found myself experiencing communication from them in ways in which I hadn’t been aware of before or not fully aware of before.

You’ll know 100% when you are truly connected to and communicating with the Angels on your behalf or for other people. For me, as

  1. You’ll skyrocket your reception of angel messages and guidance in quality and frequency, they’ll be clearer, sharper and more detailed.
  2. The Angels communicate with you in ways in which you had little or no understanding of before.
  3. Your understanding of the Angels messages and guidance will deepen considerably.
  4. Your intuition will speak to you, and you’ll be more aware of it, and you’ll have found that you can trust it.
  5. You’ll be able to tell the difference between the voice of the angels and your intuition, versus the voice of your ego and false guidance.
  6. You’ll skyrocket your awareness of the angels presence in your own life and their messages of guidance, comfort, support and help for yourself
  7. You’ll discover and believe that your potential is unlimited.

You’ll feel closer to the Angels then you’ve ever felt before, and fully supported and loved by them.

The Calmness, Lightness and Moving Forward Angel Programme is designed to free you from the emotional pain of your past. Lightening and lifting the weight of those painful emotions from you and your life. Bringing a sparkle back into your eyes. You may even find yourself dancing around your kitchen! Like my client Poppy.

You feel lighter from within, as if a heavy burden has been lifted from you. You feel safer in your life. Calmness has entered your life from within you. You may, like my client Poppy experience Angel calmness.

Life still brings you challenging situations, but you deal with them from a new perspective, you feel stronger and more able to deal with them.

Your dreams and goals seem realistic and attainable. You take action with increased confidence and clarity.

And as an added bonus, you’ll find that you feel closer to the Angels, and that you are more aware of them supporting you in your life.

“Meeting family members at Christmas, I was not consumed with chaos and terror. Instead,  I was the outsider looking in, and I felt SAFE!” Poppy, West Country, UK

Want to know more?

Book a completely free of charge, no obligation, Step into Transformation Consultation and get all your questions answered. I will gently find out all I need, to offer you the right solution for you. I’ll give you my best recommendation for moving forward from where you are right now.

Unique to you…

This is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. The programme is personalised to you. You, me and the Angels all work together so that the process exactly fits you, your circumstances and your individual needs. And wherever you are the UK or the world, it is designed to be effective online, over the phone or in person.

It’s not right for everyone…

I can only work with a limited number of one-to-one clients to be able to give you the level of support you need. To make sure this is the right solution for you, I invite you to spend 30-45 minutes with me on a free, no obligation, Step into Transformation Consultation.

On the call we’ll get to talk and see if we’re a good fit.

If at the end of the consultation, I feel my services are not a good fit for you then I’ll let you know. And if I feel I can help, I’ll let you know how.

The purpose of this valuable call is to help you get clarity about what help I can offer and how I work, and for me to understand your circumstances and individual needs.

Book a free Step into Transformation Consultation – no charge and no obligation.

And when you do decide to go ahead and work with me in a programme, you will be totally covered by my Wise Investment Guarantee.

Wise Investment Guarantee

If at the end of our first month working together you have attended all the sessions and taken all the steps you committed to take, and you’re not 100% satisfied I guarantee to give you a full refund of any payments made up to that point.

And I offer this level of guarantee because I know the value of my work and I want you to feel equally confident that you are investing your time, money and energy wisely.

What to do next?

Book a Step into Transformation Consultation and let me answer all your questions and concerns.

This is a 30-45 minute telephone chat, no cost and no obligation.

You have nothing to lose but your emotional pain and the feeling of being velcroed in place by the past.

Book a Step into Transformation Consultation now, and step into illumination and transformation of your daily life experience.

Poppy’s description of her experiences of Angel calmness in her life “Warm Angel wings. Calm, calm, blanket of peace.”