FG Angel Guidance Reading – question(s) brought by you

If you have a specific question(s), or an area(s) of focus which you wish to ask the Angels, then my Angel Guidance Reading is for you. The time in this reading  is devoted to the messages the Angels bring through in answer your question(s) or area(s) of focus. My readings tend to be more spiritually intuitive than predictive. And can be enjoyed worldwide via email, online or over the phone, and in-person in Dorset/Hampshire, UK.

Areas of focus could be – love, relationships, loss, work, psychic/intuitive development, self development, confidence, emotional pain etc.

Thanks so much for the reading- so quickly too! That’s amazing, thank you very accurate and helpful.” LS, South East Dorset, UK

You can book the following Angel Guidance Reading Sessions with me:

30 minute email, online or phone session £25 worldwide and in the UK;

30 minute in-person session in the UK £35;

1 hour email, online or phone session £50 worldwide and in the UK;

1 hour in-person session in the UK £70.


Thank you very much for your reading. It was very interesting and you have me spot on. Thank you so much.” VT


This afternoon I had a stunning reading with the gorgeous Fiona Grant… Such care and consideration with each word shared. Thank you Fiona for sharing your beautiful gift with me. Highly recommended!!!” MJ, South East Dorset, UK