About Angels

Angels are completely non-denominational¹. They are beings of pure energy, the energy of love. Angels are 100% divine unconditional unchangeable love. They have infinite love and compassion for you. These are beings without worry, without fear, without judgement, without criticism. When they look at you they see the truth of who you really are behind your fears, worries, judgements, self-criticism and self-doubt. They see the shining being of love and light that you are at your very core. And when the Angels look at situations, issues and problems in your life they see the underlying truth. The Angels are here to help you feel more loved, loving, peaceful, joyful and to help you to remember and reconnect with the bright shining being of love and light that you are in truth.

The Angels will help you regardless of whether or not you are religious, spiritual or an atheist.

¹ From the Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the meaning of “non-denominational” is “not connected with a particular religious denomination”.