An Angel of a Name

Anonymity requested – “It was summertime in the UK. I and my hubby were due to join some friends on a short cruise. [Read more…]

Open Sesame!

Fiona Grant – “It had been snowing heavily on and off for months, I went to open my side gate, but due to the weather the lock was unmovable. [Read more…]

Angel on my Glass

S. Bryer – “I was due to have a complete hysterectomy and I was informed that I might also lose part of my bowel as a big mass was attached. They would also need to test the mass to see if it was cancerous. [Read more…]

Feather Cloud

Fabienne Clarke – “This day was special for me as it was my birthday; my step-daughter was just about to leave after having popped in to drop off my present. [Read more…]

I found my special Angel in a Crisis

Jo Nelson – “Bob, my husband had a massive heart attack and mini stroke. [Read more…]

Angel Beside My Bed

Anonymity requested – “Back when I was 14, I was going through a ‘difficult’ moment that involved losing a very special person in my life, because he was moving away. [Read more…]

Letting in the Angels

Fiona Grant – “I stood in front of my open bedroom door, and searched my memory but I couldn’t remember what I needed from my bedroom. [Read more…]

My Angelic Blanket

Anonymity requested – “For some reason I felt unwell and just threw myself on to the bed asking the angels for help. [Read more…]

A Thousand Angels

Amy Smith – “I had been working in retail for 5 years and knew that it wasn’t what I really wanted to do with my life. Even so I was shocked and upset when my contract came to an end and my employer was unable to offer me a new one. [Read more…]

Sleeping with the Help of the Angels

Fiona Grant – “In the middle of the night I woke up from a nightmare. [Read more…]