Angel Programmes

Norma is currently on medical leave.

Personalised for you, Angel programmes with Norma. To be enjoyed worldwide via the phone, online or in person with Norma in Dorset, UK. (Please note, Norma’s Australian clients, she can still accept payment in Australian dollars.)

Due to an operation, Norma will be on medical leave from 11th February 2019. We are currently expecting her to return to work around 1st October 2019.

How To Get The Angels To Help You Programme

Connecting You and Helping You Communicate with your Angels Programme

Enhance and Strengthen Your Communication and Connection with Your Angels Programme

Increase Your Inner Strength, Self Confidence, Self Worth and Self Esteem Programme

Opening Yourself to Love Programmes (Angelic Love, Romantic Love, Love of Self.)

As the programme will be tailored to your requirements the number of sessions required may vary per person.

1 to 1¼ hour session £60 in the UK and worldwide. Please note, Norma can also accept payment in Australian dollars AUS$120.

Please contact Norma to discuss the programme and your requirements.

Booking Norma: To contact Norma to discuss the programme and your requirements please use form below, or email click here to access.

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